Astrographical Information
RegionExpansion Region
SectorBes Ber Bikade Sector
SystemAnnamar System
SunsAt least 1
Grid CoordinatesL-15
Physical Information
Primary Terrain
  • Desert
  • Rocky Hills
  • Points of InterestAbandoned Droid Factory
    Societal Information
    Immigrated Species
  • Humans
  • Zabraks
  • AffiliationRebel Alliance

    Annamar was a planetoid that had a breathable atmosphere located within a vast Annamar Asteroid Field. It was home to a factory during the Clone Wars which specialized in experimental Battle Droids. After it was abandoned when the clone wars ended, the Rebel Alliance used the factory as a headquarters, conducting raids on the Corellian Trade Spine. After stealing a cargo ship carrying a vital piece of the Death Star II's weapons systems, the Rebel Wolf Squadron unit brought it to Annamar. Shortly after, it was the site of the Battle of Annamar, which saw Darth Vader decimate the entire base, kill all its personnel and retrieve the piece.