Anni Capstan
Anni Capstan
Biographical Information
Died25 ABY, over Ithor
Physical Description
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorSilky Blue
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraNew Jedi Order Era
  • New Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps
  • Rogue Squadron
  • Anni Capstan was a brown-haired Human female from the world of Corellia, serving as a starfighter pilot of Rogue Squadron during the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 25 ABY, Anni was recruited at the time of Rogue Squadron's participation in the action against the Yuuzhan Vong over the world of Dubrillion. During the evacuation, Anni went on to fight alongside her wingmate, the Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, and became good friends with her. Flying as Rogue Twelve, Capstan helped evacuate refugees from the planet Dantooine and participated in getting a reconnaissance team onto and off the planet Garqi. At Ithor in 25 ABY, where the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant fought to defend the jungle world from the invaders, Capstan fell victim to enemy coralskippers in the early stages of the fighting. Her damaged X-wing starfighter crashed into a Yuuzhan Vong landing craft, killing her.

    Personality and traitsEdit

    A Human female, Capstan was a skilled starfighter pilot, so much so that she managed to get a berth in the elite Rogue Squadron. She was able to hold her own in battle, though the coralskippers of the enemy Yuuzhan Vong ultimately killed her. She was also a gambler and was good enough that Solo considered her able to strip the credits from the players on the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. During Capstan's time as Solo's wingmate, the two became close friends, and Capstan mentioned the Jedi in every message she sent back to her mother.



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