Bashinan Hodizwen
Bashinan Hodizwen
Biographical Information
Died19 BBY, Coruscant
Physical Description
Hair colorRed
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorLight Green
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Old Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic

  • Bashinan Hodizwen was a Mirialan female Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. Bashinan was knowledgeable on many famous Jedi Knights and their exploits and was consulted many times on information concerning certain Jedi. One such Jedi was Count Dooku, who left the Jedi Order ten years prior to the Separatist Crisis, and reappeared as the apparent leader of the movement. Bashinan was consulted by the Jedi and various news organizations for information concerning the former Jedi. Of all the possible specialties for a Jedi Knight to devote her life to, Bashinan Hodizwen felt that her skills could be put to best use as a scholar.


    A Mirialan female who hailed from the world of Mirial, Bashinan Hodizwen was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at a young age and began her training in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order. After passing her Trials of Knighthood, she receievd the rank of Jedi Knight. Pursuing the teachings of a Jedi Consular during independent study as a Knight, Hodizwen became a noted Lore Keeper, and was considered a scholar by many within the Order.

    During the Separatist Crisis, conflicting reports emerged regarding the identity of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' leader, the mysterious Count Dooku of Serenno, who was a former Jedi Master who left the Jedi Order and turned to the dark side under the tutelage of Darth Sidious. While the Jedi High Council remained tight-lipped on the subject, reporters from the HoloNet News network were able to interview Hodizwen, who gave brief insight into former Jedi Master Dooku's personal interests. Citing Dooku's fascination with antiquities from across the galaxy as reason for Dooku's appearance in the Gree Enclave, Hodizwen did not comment further on the Count's sudden return from self-imposed exile.

    When the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, Bashinan did not serve in the Grand Army of the Republic and remained at the Jedi Temple throughout the rest of the war. As the war was drawing to an end in 19 BBY, Bashinan was still in the Temple when Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, who was revealed to be the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, issued Order 66 which branded all the members of the Jedi Order as traitors to the Republic and called for their immediate execution without question or hesitation. During the start of the Great Jedi Purge, Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One who had fallen to the dark side and became Darth Vader, led many Clone troopers of the 501st Legion to exterminate all the Jedi in the Temple. After Jedi Gate Master Jurokk was the first to be slain by Vader, Bashinan defended the temple with her life, but was soon outmatched and killed in the massacre.



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