Bendodi Ballow-Reese
Bendodi Ballow-Reese
Biographical Information
Born28 BBY
Died25 ABY, Belkadan
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraNew Jedi Order Era
  • Rebel Alliance
  • ExGal
  • New Galactic Republic
  • Bendodi Ballow-Reese was a Human male who had been a soldier for the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War and later a member of the crew stationed on the research outpost ExGal-4 on Belkadan during the beginning of the Yuuzhan Vong War.


    A human male, Bendodi Ballow-Reese was born in the year 28 BBY, six years before the Clone Wars began. During the time of the Imperial Era, in which the Galactic Empire had took full control of the galaxy, Bendodi knew how evil and corrupt the Empire was, and wanted to restore the Republic. He eventually joined the Rebel Alliance and served in the military as a soldier, and fought against the Empire during the time of the First Galactic Civil War. As the Empire suffered a critical blow after the Battle of Endor, resulting the deaths of Emperor Sheev Palpatine and Darth Vader, Bendodi joined the New Galactic Republic and worked for the Extragalactic Society.

    Later in the year 25 ABY, during the time when the Yuuzhan Vong War begun, Bendodi was one of four scientists that went on an expedition to scout out a large storm on the planet. As they approached it, the atmosphere, affected by the infiltrator Yomin Carr's dweebits, became increasingly toxic. The expedition had trouble returning to the base after discovering the storm, due to low oxygen rations. Realizing that not all of the team would be able to return to the base, Bendodi gave his oxygen pack to Jerem Cadmir before escaping into the jungle to die. Luther De'Ono, a friend of Bendodi, followed to beg him to not commit suicide, only to be shot by Bendodi. Moments later, Bendodi shot himself.



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