Beta Ioli
Beta Ioli
Biographical Information
Died40 ABY, Rover over Hapes
Physical Description
Hair colorNone
Eye colorOrange
Chronological and Political Information
EraLegacy Era
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Galactic Alliance Navy
  • Galactic Alliance Guard

  • Beta Ioli was a female Duros Junior Lieutenant who served in the Galactic Alliance Guard during the Second Galactic Civil War. She was a part of the crew of the Anakin Solo. She was part of the the crew of the Rover, under the command of Jedi apprentice Ben Skywalker, that was sent to Terephon to find out what had become of Jaina Solo and Zekk after their mission to Terephon. She was killed when the Rover was destroyed in the Battle of Hapes.


    A Duros female from the world of Duro, Beta Ioli served in the Galactic Alliance Guard. When Anakin Solo was sent to Hapes in order to prevent an assassination attempt on the Queen Mother of Hapes, Tenel Ka Djo, Ioli was stationed on the ship. As the Jedi Jaina Solo and Zekk then came to Hapes and hired research on Terephon, and this disappeared without a trace, was the tramp, and thus also their commander in charge, using Ben Skywalker to find the two. Ioli distrusted him because he could see the two missing persons not first find. But he could feel schleßlich, and the Jedi were soon found. While on Hapes, she came in the midst of the enemy fleet during a battle. Now they had not simply to be able to send a message the problem to warn Tenel Ka. The enemy fleet would immediately notice and shoot at them. Therefore Ioli had Ben to record a message. Then they brought their sergeant Tanogo, to Zekk, Jaina and Gim Sorzo. These four were the four existing spacesuits and left the ship through the airlock. Ioli and Tanogo remained on board, sending the recorded message. Shortly thereafter, the vagabond was destroyed by enemy fire.