Bin Kohal
Bin Kohal
Biographical Information
HomeworldUvena Prime
Died20 BBY
Physical Description
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationPhylus Mon

Bin Kohal, sometimes known by the alias Halin Bok, was a Shistavanen male assassin and slave who lived during the time of the Clone Wars.


Around the year 20 BBY, Kohal was wanted because of several assassination attempts on Coruscant, which led him to use a pseudonym. Kohal was captured by slaver Phylus Mon and imprisoned in the slave zoo of the Animiasma. There, Kohal considered the size of the Cragmoloid neighboring slaves, Ook and Noba, for any possible massive escape plan: The Cragmoloids were so big, they would take up too much space in any escape ship, meaning that the would-be rescuers would need a second escape ship. Kohal hoped to convinced that people, should they ever appear, that he could steal and pilot a ship, and be a helping hand in the rescue. Nevertheless, the four Tarasin children in other cell, Li'Iri, Honna, Tiscak, and Kaj still mistrusted Kohal. Phylus Mon surgically inserted an explosive near the heart of each of his slaves. The explosive would be activated in the case of Phylus Mon's death, but it could also be deactivated with the impact of an ion weapon. All the slaves in Phylus Mon's zoo were also regularly battered.