Borg Construct Aj^6
Borg Construct Aj^6
Production Information
ManufacturerBioTech Industries
TypeCybernetic Implant
  • 80,000 credits
  • Surgery: 70,000 credits
  • Physical and Technical Specifications
    Weight0.8 kg
    Chronological and Politcial Information
  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • Rebellion Era
  • New Republic Era
  • New Jedi Order Era
  • Legacy Era
  • The Borg Construct Aj^6, also known as a AJ^6 Cyborg Construct or Lobot-Tech Headgear, was a cybernetic device that was developed by the BioTech Industries. It is attached onto the backside of a user's head, designed to increase the user's productivity in exchange for their personality.


    The Aj^6 was a sophisticated cyborg construct that allowed a being to become a cybernetic computer interface liaison able to mentally control computer systems. The device was implanted against the skull, and sent nanothreads into the brain to form a link between the biocomputer unit and the cyborg. The Aj^6's cyborg computer was known to noticeably improve the intelligence of the wearer, enhancing logic and reasoning capabilities. The cyborg could also analyze data at roughly twenty times the speed of a non-cyborg computer operator.

    The Aj^6's internal computer stored vast amounts of data, though additional information could be accrued with the use of knowledge cartridges. These devices plugged into ports on the back of the Borg Construct, and held data on virtually any subject. This allowed cyborgs to load and process data as and when needed. Despite the advantages of a Borg Construct, the Aj^6 came under criticism since it was seen to limit a wearer's personality, and almost literally turned them into walking machines. This resulted in a lack of face-to-face communication between a cyborg and other sentients, since their attentions were often turned to central computers.

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    Behind the scenesEdit

    In the adventure book Crisis on Cloud City, written by Christopher Kubasik, it was erroneously claimed that the Borg Construct Aj^6 was produced by Bioniip Laboratories. Hero's Guide lists this device as the AJ^6, as opposed to Aj^6, while the Cloud City Limited card "Cyborg Construct" lists it as Aj^9.