181st Armor Division trooper

CT-4/619 was the designation of a clone trooper who served in the Galactic Republic's Grand Army during the Clone Wars, the galaxy-wide conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY, CT-4/619 participated in a campaign aimed at striking against Separatist activity on the planet Raxus Prime. Under the command of Bothan Jedi Master Glynn-Beti, CT-4/619 was part of a clone strike force that landed on the world near the Sith Lord Count Dooku's headquarters. During the battle, CT-4/619 and a squad of clones encountered the young bounty hunter Boba Fett, who posed as the orphan Teff. Taking Fett with him, CT-4/619 and Fett boarded a LAAT/i gunship and flew to the Acclamator-class assault ship Candaserri. Later, when the Candaserri transported additional orphans from other star systems to the gas giant Bespin, CT-4/619 worked on demilitarizing the markings on the hull of the lander that would take the orphans down to Bespin.