Cie Vos
Biographical Information
Died1 ABY, Tatooine
Physical Description
Chronological and Political information
EraRebellion Era
Our ex-friend Cie Vos has decided to liberate a case of rations from our stock. Punish him and bring the rations to me.—Kavas Urdano[src]

Cie Vos was male Kiffar who lived during the time of the First Galactic Civil War.


Valarian sells POISON to her patrons! I stole this to prove it to the authorities! Please don't shoot me!—Cie Vos[src]

A male Kiffar, Cie Vos came from the world of Kiffa, but settled himself on Tatooine sometime during the First Galactic Civil War. Around 1 ABY, Cie Vos stole a box of rations from the Valarian Gang. Declared a thief and an enemy of Lady Valarian, Kavas Urdano tasked a spacer with killing Vos outside the city of Mos Eisley on desert world. When the spacer approached Vos, he insisted that the rations were poisonous, and that he wanted to bring the rations as proof to the authorities. Although he begged not to be killed, the spacer did so anyways, along with two fellow thugs who were defending him. The spacer returned the toxic rations to Urdano, who awarded the spacer with 2,000 credits.