Biographical Information
Died16 ABY, Doornik-319
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraNew Republic Era
AffiliationNew Galactic Republic
Tuke, I'm sorry—I just couldn't do it. Not with hostages begging me not to."
Son of a—you're looking at a court-martial, Condor."
I'll accept the consequences. But I wasn't going to help murder the people we came here to help.
—Condor and Esege Tuketu[src]

Condor was a Human male gunner who served in the 24th Bombardment Squadron during the First Galactic Civil War. In 16 ABY, he flew with an unnamed pilot under the callsign Red Three during Operation Hammerblow and the Blockade of Doornik-319. During the blockade, he refused to attack the Yevetha once they started transmitting the recordings of hostages, and would receive a court martial due to his actions. He was among those that perished in the aborted engagement before fleeing with the rest of the Fifth Fleet.


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