Cult of the Screaming Blade
Cult of the Screaming Blade
General Information
  • Paladius
  • Darth Nox
  • Members
  • Rylee Dray
  • Destris Veran
  • Gar-Nok
  • Gord Madel
  • HeadquartersNar Shaddaa
    Historical Information
    Formed From3651 BBY
    Other Information
    EraOld Republic Era
    AffiliationTrue Sith Empire

    The Cult of the Screaming Blade was formed by the renegade Sith Lord Paladius during the True Sith Empire. Based on Nar Shaddaa, it was usurped by the Sith Inquisitor, Kallig, during the Cold War. During the Galactic War, Kallig returned in search of a CN-12 Sensor Chip to test their new weapon, the Silencer. The Cult helped to track it down.


    Formed around the year 3651 BBY the Sith Lord Paladius rallied numerous followers on the Hutt moon of Nar Shaddaa, which affected almost as great influence on the world as the Exchange. Over time, the cultists split ever by the Empire from, but Paladius went finally reached an agreement with Darth Zash, which still allowed him the existence of the cult. Zash however, was aware that the Sith Lord artifact Tulak Hord had she wanted to usurp, so they sent their students to Nar Shaddaa to infiltrate the cult. As this met with an informant to find out more about Paladius and the artifact, sent the Sith assassin to kill calligraphy. However, this was the attacker ward and vowed revenge for the attack on his life.

    To get close enough to the well-protected Sith Lord to come, to calligraphy decided to increase its influence on Nar Shaddaa, and made efforts to seek a remedy against the resident on the moon Disease rot. It succeeded the Sith Inquisitor, penetrate in the warehouse of the company Tydis Neutronics and bring the remedy itself. Shortly thereafter, the Sith distributed the serum, so that rumors about his deeds spread quickly. A little later, took the Cultist Rylee Dray contact the Inquisitor on and set up a meeting calligraphy managed to establish a faction of the blade, which allied itself with the House Strell, but Paladis recognized a danger in Kalligs approach. For this reason the Sith sent the Warriors Gar-Nok, which should kill calligraphy. The project failed, however. A short time later learned the Sith Inquisitor that Paladius had called a meeting to appease his supporters. To demonstrate his power, calligraphy was planning to produce an earthquake during the conference to demonstrate its strength. For this purpose, he met with Gord Madel, who agreed to provide it. Shortly thereafter use calligraphy the earthquake to confuse the majority of Paladius' followers and to his side. This contacted later calligraphy and offered this a meeting at which he, however, be used only as a trap wanted to his opponent to escape the power. However, the students turned out to be too powerful and defeated Paladius, whereupon he took defacto control of the cult. He appointed a deputy, who was to serve as his mouthpiece and manage the cult. This administrator eventually tried in the business to take with electronic weapons systems feet, trying, among other things with the CN-12 sensor chip to trade, which brought the cult in conflict with other organizations.