Dana (Rebel Alliance)
Biographical Information
Died0 ABY
Physical Description
Hair colorRed
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Galactic Empire
  • Rebel Alliance

  • Dana was a female Human who served as an intelligence agent within the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War.


    Some months prior to the battle of Yavin IV, Dana infiltrated the Star Destroyer Relentless, working undercover as an ensign in the Imperial Navy. After three months aboard, Dana was assigned to the warship's Captain Parlan, as an assistant. In this capacity, Dana gathered information for the Rebel Alliance.

    Soon after the destruction of the Death Star, Captain Parlan captured a pirate named Quist during an operation in the Dalchon System. The prisoner, in order to avoid execution, bargained for his life by offering to reveal information pertaining to the Republic tactician Adar Tallon. Though many people believed that Tallon had died battling pirates in the Dalchon system years prior, Quist knew that Tallon was alive and hiding out on Tatooine. The Rebels remembered and respected Tallon as a hero of the Clone Wars, and his tactics were used by Rebel pilots. However, the Galactic Empire wanted to capture Tallon. To achieve this, Parlan called upon a number of bounty hunters, including Jodo Kast, and offered a bounty, designation 82,471, for the capture of Tallon.

    Upon learning of this, Dana jumped ship at Kwenn Space Station several weeks before the mission was due to be completed to report her discoveries. She issued a Code Green—Agent in trouble, pick up immediately—which was responded to by the crew of the starship Alabak's Gold. Unfortunately, another of Parlan's officers, Lieutenant Voor, discovered her disappearance. Jodo Kast tracked Dana down and successfully killed her with one of his poison darts laced with Sennari. The crew of the Alabak's Gold managed to retrieve Dana's body, and found the information she intended to pass on concerning Tallon encrypted on a data storage pad.