Darth Arctis
Darth Arctis
Biographical Information
Died3641 BBY
Physical Description
Height1.87 meters
Eye colorYellow
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • True Sith Empire
  • Dark Council
  • Sphere of Ancient Knowledge

  • Darth Arctis was a Zabrak male Sith Lord who sat below as a member of the Dark Council of the True Sith Empire.


    A male Zabrak from Iridonia, Darth Arctis became a Sith Lord and an active member of the Dark Council of the True Sith Empire. At some point, Darth Arctis would leave his personal chambers on Dromund Kaas, and travel to the Sith Academy where he would save for occasional audiences with his superiors of the Dark Council and visit the libraries of the Academy.

    In 3643 BBY, the final year of the Cold War, Darth Hadra, another member of the Dark Council and leader of the Sphere of Technology, discovered an ancient Sith shrine outside Kaas City and tried to claim it. Arctis quickly challenged Hadra's claim, saying that the shrine fell within the bounds of his Sphere of Ancient Knowledge's influence. He then began to "negotiate" with Hadra for control of the shrine. After the Sith Lord Darth Skotia was killed in suspicious circumstances and Darth Thanaton wished to punish the most likely perpetrator, Darth Zash, Arctis sided against Thanaton and supported the Dark Council in raising Zash to Skotia's former position.

    Sometime in 3641 BBY, during the Galactic War, Thanaton acceded to the Dark Council after Arctis' was killed.