Darth Wrath
Darth Wrath
Physical Description
Eye colorRed and Yellow (Dark Side)
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • True Sith Empire
  • Empire's Fury
  • Sphere of Military Offense (Formerly)
  • Sith Emperor's Power Base (Formerly)
  • Eternal Alliance
  • Known Masters
  • Tremel
  • Darth Baras
  • Darth Marr
  • Satele Shan
  • Known ApprenticesJaesa Willsaam

    Darth Wrath, formerly known as Emperor's Wrath and the call-sign Tempest, was a powerful Sith Lord who studied under the tutelage of Darth Baras. Securing a place as Baras's Sith apprentice on the planet Korriban, the Sith served as Baras's enforcer, hunting down the Jedi Padawan, Jaesa Willsaam and turning her to the Dark side of the Force before taking her as the Sith's own student to spite her teacher Nomen Karr. Ascending to the rank of Sith Lord, the Sith Warrior helped Baras set in motion the renewed Galactic War with the Galactic Republic and destroy Baras's own Sith Master Darth Vengean, allowing Baras to take Vengean's place on the Dark Council. However, Baras turned on his student and tried to kill the Sith on the planet Quesh. The warrior survived and was recruited by the Emperor's Hand, who annointed the Sith as the new Emperor's Wrath—the personal enforcer of Vitiate—and tasked the Wrath with stopping Baras's plans to declare himself the Emperor's Voice and thus the de-facto leader of the Empire. The Wrath systematically destroyed Baras's servants and machinations before slaying the man before the Dark Council, and continued to serve as the Wrath during the ongoing conflict. When the Sith Emperor broke from the Empire he once ruled after they learned of his efforts to consume all life in the galaxy, the Wrath was rechristened the Empire's Wrath, but vanished around the same time as the Eternal Empire emerged from the Unknown Regions; despite the efforts of the Wrath's allies, the Sith Lord was still missing five years later.

    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    Darth Wrath was known to be a master of the lightsaber, whose skills outclass even the oldest of Jedi Masters and senior Dark Council members. Lightsaber forms vary between Shii-Cho, Soresu, Ataru, Shien and Juyo. The Sith Lord also specializes in telekinesis, utilizing the Force Choke, frequently Darth Wrath could also guide a thrown lightsaber. The Wrath has displayed great willpower, strong enough to resist the fear-based powers of the Dread Masters.



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