Deena Mipps
Deena Mipps
Physical Description
Hair colorBlueish Purple
Eye colorSilvery Bright Purple
Skin colorPink
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Darpa SectorNet
  • Rebel Alliance

  • Deena Mipps was a female Zeltron noblewoman-turned-journalist who worked for Darpa SectorNet during the First Galactic Civil War. She was served as a spy for the Rebel Alliance. Mipps covered the local events on Esseles and their relations to the blockade of Ralltiir. She also covered the Esselian political situation in the wake of the rawmat shortage of 1–2 ABY, including the Esselian Hall election held during the New Year Fete Week of 2 ABY. Intent on exposing an Imperial plot to raise security taxes by clandestinely instigating "riots" among non-Humans, Mipps brings in a group of Rebels and secretly filmed the conference.