Dif Gehad
Dif Gehad
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Hair colorNone
Eye colorRed
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Trade Federation
  • Separatist Alliance
  • Cartao Expeditionary Army
  • Dif Gehad was a male Neimoidian who served as the Master Creator of New Products for the Cartao Expeditionary Army during the Clone Wars.


    A male Neimoidian from the world of Neimoidia, Dif Gehad was member of the Trade Federation and joined the Separatist Alliance during the beginning of the Clone Wars, a conflict that would last for a few years in order to wipe out the Old Jedi Order and Old Galactic Republic. In 21 BBY, Dif Gehad was stationed on the planet Cartao where he attended to build an Expeditionary Army for the Separatists under the command of Count Dooku. There, he worked closely with Tok Ashel, commander of the separatist forces, to help steal the Cranscoc fluid technology. They planned on controlling the Cartao factory in order to use this place for equipment and special purposes throughout the war. Since Lord Pilester Binalie attempted to remain neutral throughout the war, Gehad and Ashel held Pilester's son, Corf hostage to ensure cooperation. This was when the Republic forces]], led by Jedi Master Jafer Torles, arrived on the planet to put an end to the Separatist occupation. Gehad and Ashel were able to escape the factory's destruction during the start of the ensuing battle.