Biographical Information
HomeworldDromund Kaas
Died3637 BBY, Wild Space
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
AffiliationTrue Sith Empire

Dol was a Human male who served in the rank of Sergeant of the True Sith Empire during the Galactic War. Stationed aboard Darth Marr's flagship, Dol and his Republic companion Ralo served in defense against the Eternal Fleet. While sky troopers were invading the flagship, Dol did as much to hold off the enemy, and was killed in the deadly skirmish.


A Human male from the planet Dromund Kaas, Dol served his life in the military of the True Sith Empire during the early years of the Cold War. This earned him to serve in the rank of Sergeant near the very end of the war. When the Galactic War emerged after the death of Darth Angral, Dol served under Darth Marr, a member of the Dark Council when the Sith Emperor Vitiate turned against the Sith Empire and made his planned attempt to consume every living thing. After the Emperor killed many lifeforms on the world of Ziost, Dol wanted to hunt the Emperor for what he has done and save the galaxy from its doom. That was when Eternal Empire emerged out of Wild Space and prepared to launch massive attacks on the Core Worlds and other systems.

Agreeing to allow the Old Galactic Republic to assist in hunting down Vitiate and fighting the unknown force that attacked Tython and Korriban, Dol was stationed onboard Marr's flagship where he worked alongside Sergeant Ralo during the time when a unknown spacer was sent to meet with Marr. That was when the Eternal Fleet emerged out of hyperspace and sent Sky Troopers to infiltrate the flagship. Dol and Ralo worked together to secur every perimeter while their troops held off against the enemy. While some of the troops were getting slaughtered and injured by the Sky Troopers, Dol ordered someone to get the blast door shut, but Ralo argued since their own troops were been massacred and that they should. When the spacer made the decision on what to do, Dol and Ralo were given the order to regroup at the bridge. While trying to make their way to the bridge, Dol was shot down by Sky Troopers in the ensuing firefight while Ralo managed to escape the flagship with the survivors in escape pods.


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