Biographical Information
Died41 ABY, onboard the Anakin Solo over Shedu Maad (Presumed)
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraLegacy Era
AffiliationGalactic Alliance

Ebbak was a female Human who was a civilian employee in the Galactic Alliance military. After observing her skill at data analysis, Jacen Solo asked her to leave her position on board the Anakin Solo to serve as his personal assistant. She was short, unremarkable of appearance and dutiful.


A human female from an unknown world, Ebbak made her work so well that Jacen Solo thought about her to determine if she were to prove how loyal she could be to him. After they had set a smuggler convoy in Corellian System, Ebbak informed Jacen that her informant Uran Lavint waited in his office and wanted to talk to him. Jacen chatted with the smuggler, was against it but this very rude and sent her away. Then he gave Ebbak orders to be manipulate the hyperdrive of the Duracrud. The ship, which he wanted to leave Lavint should have a malfunction after the first jump, which could cost you your life you may have. Ebbak made Jacen to this side effect of attention, but what of these dismissed as intention. Ebbak went to her job and returned an hour later with Wedge Antilles back, with Jacen had an appointment. She waited at the door and brought Antilles subsequently returned to his ferry. She was presumbly killed during the Jedi's StealthX attack during the Battle of Uroro Station.