Ellin Lah
Ellin Lah
Biographical Information
Died67 BBY, Woebegone en route to Muunilinst
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era

Ellin Lah was a Togruta female who was the captain of the Woebegone during the final years of the Era of the Old Galactic Republic.


Sometime in 67 BBY, Ellin Lah and her crew were on the planet Bal'demnic. The ship, the Woebegone was holding cargo that belonged to the Hutts. They noticed there was a temperature change in Cargo 4. Thinking it could be a stowaway, they turned on the vid feed and discovered that the stowaway was an injured Muun. They did not know that this Muun was Darth Plagueis. The crew asked the Muun a few questions, and Lah offered to get the Sith Lord some medical attention. Darth Plagueis asked to talk to the captain alone and asked for her to take him to Muunilinst, a trip for which he would pay handsomely. Lah informed the Sith that everyone aboard the Woebegone are equals, so they would decide jointly. The group discussed their options, but decided to contact the authorities on Bal'demnic. Then, Lah informed Plagueis of their decision. The Sith warned her not to make that decision, and when she didn't back down, Plagueis attacked her with his lightsaber, then went after the rest of the crew. Lah died at the hands of the Sith Lord, his lightsaber almost decapitating her.

Personality and traitsEdit

Lah believed that those aboard the Woebegone were equals, and she valued each crew members thoughts. While on Bal'demnic she was known to gamble and drink.