Everen Ettene
Everen Ettene
Biographical Information
Died23 BBY, Virgillia 7
Physical Description
Eye colorYellow
Skin colorGreen
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire era
AffiliationJedi Order
Galactic Republic
Known ApprenticesHalagad Ventor

Everen Ettene was a Kerkoiden male Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the final period of the Galactic Republic. During the time of the growing faction of Separatist Crisis, Ettene had an apprentice, Halagad Ventor, and together, along with Jedi Master Ludwin Katarkus and respective student, Danyawarra, went as a diplomatic envoy to help settle the Virgillian Civil War, which had been raging for two years. However, before the Jedi could even begin negotiations between the Virgillian Free Alignment and the Aristocracy, the two warring factions, the Jedi's ship was destroyed, killing Master Ettene and Master Katarkus. Only Ettene's student, Halagad Ventor, and Danyawarra survived the attack, and were able to attend the memorial services for his Master and fellow fallen Jedi Knights a month later at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.


A female Kerkoiden from the planet Kerkoidia, Ettene began training in the Jedi Order during infancy as with all Jedi of the Republic Classic era. Studying at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, the Republic's capital world, Everen eventually passed the Jedi Trials and was knighted by the Jedi High Council. Further pursuits of knowledge of the Force and lightsaber skill earned Ettene the rank of Master. Where all other Masters refused based on age and an uncontrolled mind, Ettene was intrigued by the challenge presented by the initiate named Halagad Ventor and volunteered to take him on as a Padawan. Other Masters claimed that Halagad was too old and did not exhibit enough control of his mind, and that he was a danger to himself.

In 23 BBY, the High Council assigned Ettene to mediate the ongoing Virgillian Civil War between the Virgillian Free Alignment and the Aristocracy. Consisting of two Master-Padawan teams, the diplomatic envoy was made up of Ludwin Katarkus and Danyawarra, and Master Ettene and Padawan Ventor. As the shuttle carrying the Jedi envoy entered Virgillia 7's orbit and touched down on the planet's surface, it was attacked by terrorists and destroyed. After receiving no word from the diplomatic team for three months, the High Council announced that it presumed the Jedi dead and would be holding memorial services for them within the Temple's walls. While the Clone Wars overshadowed this loss, Padawans Danywarra and Ventor did reappear and rejoin the Order, serving as commander and general respectively in the Grand Army of the Republic.