Biographical Information
Died3637 BBY, Wild Space
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
AffiliationTrue Sith Empire

Welcome aboard.—Fora to the Outlander.

Captain Fora was a Human female officer who was in service of the True Sith Empire during the time of the Galactic War. Near the end of the war in 3637 BBY, she served aboard Darth Marr's flagship during its expedition into Wild Space and participated in the eventual engagement with the Eternal Fleet. Fora defended the flagship and was killed by sky troopers during the firefight.


Enemies on the bridge! Repeat enemies on--—Fora trying to contact Marr

Throughout the Galactic War, Fora served aboard Darth Marr's flagship. She was one of those that agreed to open an alliance with the Old Galactic Republic to go on the search for former Emperor Vitiate, who had planned to consume every living thing in the entire universe. After learning of Ziost's fall in 3640 BBY, Fora was displeased of learning this, and would do anything to prevent every world from falling under the power of Vitiate. Allowing several Republic forces to serve aboard the flagship during an expedition hunt for the Emperor, Fora welcomed a spacer who was tasked to meet with Darth Marr onboard the flagship. That was when the flagship fell under attack by the Eternal Fleet. Fora defended the flagship and fought her way to the bridge. She tried to contact Darth Marr that Skytroopers were on the bridge until she was overwhelmed and killed in the ensuing firefight.