Biographical Information
Died3638 BBY, Tython
Physical Description
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorGray
CyberneticsProsthetic Hand
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • True Sith Empire
  • Sphere of Military Offense
  • Order of Revan

  • Goh was a Chagrian Sith Lord of the True Sith Empire during the time of the new Galactic War, and worked alongside Darth Arkous, a member of the Dark Council. Like Darth Arkous, he was also a member of the Order of Revan. In the year 3638 BBY, Goh joined Darth Arkous in planning and executing the attack on Tython. The initial strike was a success, allowing Goh to search the Jedi Temple for an ancient Rakata artifact for Arkous. However, Goh was soon afterwards killed by the Republic strike team sent to retake Tython.


    A male Chagrian from the world of Champala, Goh was brought into Korriban, the ancient birth place of the Sith, at a young age. While many Sith chose to speak, Goh was one of those that didn't and chose to speak with his mind. Acolytes in the Academy believed he would not survive the trials, but in truth, Goh managed to succeed and became the apprentice to an unknown master. After his master's death, Goh earned the title in becoming a Sith Lord. While living on Dromund Kaas, Goh discovered a mysterious cult called the Order of Revan that was led by Tari Darkspanner, who stumbled across records of the ancient Forceful User Revan, a man who had been both Jedi and Sith almost three hundred years ago. Goh was fascinated of this and became a loyal Revanite in secret.

    After the Order of Revan was reorganized, Goh worked alongside Darth Arkous, a member of the Dark Council and also a member of the Revanites as well. Shortly after the True Sith Empire had found the location of the home planet of the Jedi in 3638 BBY, Goh was present where he had been busy meditating while Darth Arkous hired an Imperial strike force, and launched a major assault on the planet. Once the Imperial response team stormed the Jedi Temple and killed its defenders, including Jedi Councilor Oric Traless. Subsequently, Goh assured his troops and had the terrain under full control. The Chagrian Sith Lord was commissioned by Arkous in looking for an artifact, and after he had found it and sent it to Arkous, he made his encounter on a republic response team that ended the occupation of the Imperial attack. Goh fought against the Republic strike force, but was slain in combat.