Biographical Information
Physical Description
SpeciesTusken Raider
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
AffiliationTusken Raiders

Grk'kkrs'ar was the name of a mythic male Tusken Raider who never showed fear when he faced a krayt dragon during the time of the Old Republic Era.


According to Sand People legend, Grk'kkrs'ar, a male Tusken Raider, was a brave Tusken Raider who showed no fear. During his life, he faced against a large krayt dragon and defeated it in combat. In 1 ABY travelers on the world of Tatooine were terrorized by a group that called themselves the Clan of Grk'kkrs'ar. However, it was speculated that this clan was not made up of the desert planet's fierce natives, but was instead made up of local criminals.

Behind the scenesEdit

Grk'kkrs'ar is mentioned in the description for a mission called "The Clan of Grk'kkrs'ar", that was available to players of Star Wars Galaxies at mission terminals on Tatooine.