Hayca Mekket
Hayca Mekket
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Hair colorBrown
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraLegacy Era
AffiliationMandalorian Protectors

Hayca Mekket was a female Human Mandalorian veterinarian who treated Boba Fett for his terminal illness by injecting him with the bone marrow of Jaing Skirata. All she asked for payment was a thick, red quilt and told Fett he shouldn't have anymore children.


Forty years after the Battle of Yavin, Boba Fett received a terminal illness until Mekket brought him to a farm to apply a cure for him. During this process, Mirta Gev entered the room where her grandfather was receiving medicine from the illness. Hayca informed Boba that there is a less painful way to cure application, but it is slower, and the state can not afford to procrastinate, so Fett without showing fear unbuttoned his shirt to take injections in his sternum. After the first injection, he is seeing the reactions Ghesa, Mandalorianka told him to either leave, if it is to pass out, or give Mandalorowi pain-relieving medication. Fett, however, said that those are not in need, Hayca so she continued, and made a second injection. After surgery, the vet told Bob that a day or two should take a rest and then left the room. When some time later to Keldabe, to her house Fett came to learn what they look like the results, the doctor informed him that he is healthy, degeneration of cells gave way, but it should not have more children. As a reward for his assistance requested by only a thick red blanket.