Biographical Information
Died3643 BBY, Balmorra
Physical Description
Hair colorBald (Browning beard)
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Ere
  • True Sith Empire
  • Imperial Armada

  • You worthless incompetent."
    B—beg your pardon? W—what have I done, sir?"
    It's what you failed to do. You're in charge of intelligence. Colonel Sartius's failures are your failures."
    No, sir! I warned Colonel Sartius there were many problems with his strategies-"
    Silence, you pathetic excuse for an officer. I've come all the way here just to see you executed in person.
    —Ivernus and Pirrell[src]

    Ivernus was a Human male who served in the rank of admiral in the True Sith Empire, living at the time of the Treaty of Coruscant. Ivernus was known to be a rich list and intelligent officer, full of respect for his subordinates had. He was instrumental in the planning and execution of the imperial assault on Balmorra during the Great Galactic War. Under what circumstances, his name got on the target list of the Great Hunt, is unknown - at least landed in 3643 BBY, he was one of the participants of the hunt while he arrived on Balmorra and was killed by a Bounty Hunter.


    A Human male, Ivernus served as the supreme commander of the True Sith Empire on Balmorra during the Cold War. He was a highly intelligent officer who commanded the respect of his inferiors. He managed the fighting from a distance, preoccupied with the Empire’s other conflicts, but watched with a keen eye. Ivernus was awarded the Empire’s highest medal for planning Balmorra’s initial invasion, and in spite of the ensuing quagmire, had continued to rise in esteem, never leaving his ship in Balmorra's orbit.

    However, in 3643 BBY, the final year of the Cold War, the Admiral was designated as a target of the Great Hunt and was eliminated by a young hunter; the hunter thanks to Mako was able to determine a weak link through Major Pirrell, who was looking for help to discredit his superior and gain the favor of Ivernus. He had the Hunter run jobs across Balmorra to that effort, ultimately succeeding in bringing Ivernus away from the protection of his warship. But much to Pirrell's surprise, Ivernus was furious and was looking forward to execute him for his incompetence, before Pirrell's Cathar slave was revealed to be a rival bounty hunter after Ivernus. As Pirell fled to take cover in fear, the Hunter was able to kill both the rival and Ivernus at the same time.