Jimmon Arbmab
Jimmon Arbmab
Biographical Information
Died0 BBY, Jedha
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationGalactic Empire

Jimmon Arbmab was a male who served in the rank of sergeant of Hammer 3:2, a repulsortank in the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit. He fought at the Battle of Protazk during the Kwymar Suppressions.

During the First Galactic Civil War, he later served as an Imperial Combat Assault Tank Commander. As First Sergeant, he commanded an TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" Combat Assault Tank through the streets of Jedha City when the tank was ambushed by Saw Gerrera's Partisans. In the ensuing battle, Arbmamb was killed by a blast from Cassian Andor's A280-CFE.


A Human male, Jimmon Arbmab hailed from an unknown world and joined the Galactic Empire. After graduating from the an Imperial Academy, Jimmon would serve in the rank of sergeant of the Imperial Army during the Kwymar Suppressions. In 17 BBY, he was assigned to the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, known colloquially as "Hell's Hammers," and commanded repulsortank Hammer 3:2 alongside his driver, Gortz. He participated in the assault on rebel forces on the planet Protazk. During the assault, Hammer 3:2 took minor damage to the its port repulsorlift which required a tech team to look at.