Joi Eicroth
Joi Eicroth
Biographical Information
Died26 ABY
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde
Chronological and Political Information
  • New Republic Era
  • New Jedi Order Era
  • Affiliation
  • New Galactic Republic
  • Alpha Blue
  • Joi Eicroth was a beautiful blonde Human female who was the ex-wife of Hiram Drayson during the era of the New Galactic Republic. During the Black Fleet Crisis, Joi was hired to work on the Qella remains found on Brath Qella. They had one child, Bhindi Drayson. An exobiologist, she was a member of Alpha Blue. In 25 ABY, she also became a member of a xenobiology team analyzing the Yuuzhan Vong.


    A Human female, Joi Eicroth had been married to Admiral Hiram Drayson, but the marriage of the two did not last long. After her divorce, they both worked together for Alpha Blue, and in 16 ABY, they created a biological profile of the mysterious species of Qella that would give access to the Teljkon Rovers.

    At the beginning of the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, Joi was commissioned to create a profile of these invaders. During her findings, she then sent a holographic message to the New Republic Fleet Command, including Admiral Sovv, General A'baht, Commodore Brand, Colonel Legorburu, Ayddar Nylykerka - and the Imperial Moff Ephin Sárréti before until finally reported that the Soothfast from the Meridian Sector some defectors had picked up. The statisticians Yintal from Fleet Intelligence and Secret Service Agent Belindi Kalenda they now traveled to Wayland in the city of New Nystao near Mount Tantiss where the defector interviewed Elan with Belindis colleagues Showolter and two Noghri. Elan wanted a meeting with the Jedi, but it wanted the group information on the next military target of the Yuuzhan Vong. However, when an assassin the Yuuzhan Vong assault with a Ooglith mask, Elan was evacuated from Belindi and Joi slightly injured while Showolter shot the attacker.

    After the battle of Fondor, the Jedi Mara Jade Skywalker and Anakin Solo took a Yuuzhan Vong warrior to Joi who should examine them with the support of the Mon Calamari Cilghal. However, during the investigation, the warrior went to his death, so Joi could not bring to an end its task. Then on behalf Dif Scaur, she worked at with the Chiss in the development of the pathogen Alpha Red, which was able to destroy all Yuuzhan Vong. However, before it could finally come to use, she was later killed when Vergere infiltrated the facility and sabotaged the project.