Physical Characteristics
Average Height1.6 - 1.9 meters
DistinctionsForehead ridges, facial horns, breathing tubes, desert-adapted
Sociocultural Characteristics
LanguageNikto, Huttese
  • Nikto Guards
  • Ausar Auset
  • Bhat Jul
  • Bok
  • Calliose
  • Chian
  • Fensi Moisk
  • Fi-Ek Sirch
  • Ima-Gun Di
  • Jasper McKnives
  • Jawl
  • Ma'kis'shaalas
  • Meddun
  • Mois Parcon
  • Unidentified Nikto Jedi
  • Gondrin Upal
  • Nysad
  • Lathe
  • Tsyr
  • Vedain
  • Vizam

  • Kajain'sa'Nikto, or Red Nikto, were the most common subspecies of the Nikto species. The Kajain'sa'Nikto adapted to survive in the Wannschok, or "Endless Wastes", a desert region on Kintan. They had a series of forehead ridges and small facial horns surrounding their eyes and on the chin. Their noses were covered with a movable flap of skin and a semi-permeable membrane which allowed the Nikto to breathe without ingesting sand and grit. The Kajain'sa'Nikto also had a pair of breathing tubes on each side of the neck with openings covered by similar membranes. These membranes also trapped exhaled water vapor and sent it back into their system. The Kajain'sa'Nikto equivalent of smiling was a flattening of the mouth flaps. Many Red Nikto pledged their allegiance to Jabba the Hutt. Even though most Red Nikto were warriors, many were force-sensitive, and as a result, became jedi.

    Behind the Scenes Edit

    Almost all the Nikto action figures released by Hasbro over the years were Red Nikto. Fi-Ek Sirch had two action figures of him released a year apart from each other. An updated figure of him was released in 2011. Vizam and Nysad, who both worked for Jabba the Hutt had many action figures released for each. Puko Naga: Nikto guard's action figure was released in 2010, but was originally planned to be released in a set with Jabba and his translator droid.

    Appearances Edit

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