Biographical Information
Died24 ABY, Ryloth
Physical Description
Hair ColorNone
Chronological and Political Information
EraNew Republic Era
AffiliationDiversity Alliance

Kambrea was a female Devaronian and a member of the alien-supremacist Diversity Alliance. She was part of Nolaa Tarkona's inner council though she only joined the Alliance for personal glory.


A female Devaronian from the world of Devaron, Kambrea had recruited many Devaronians into the Diversity Alliance through skilled promotion of its beliefs including punishing the Human species for their atrocities under the Humanocentric Galactic Empire's New Order.

Following reports of Diversity Alliance atrocities on Ryloth, including keeping Humans slaves at the ryll mines and stockpiling weapons, a New Republic inspection team was sent to the planet. Kambrea then took them on a propaganda tour of a large city on Ryloth. However, after the tour, Luke Skywalker - the leader of the inspection team - insisted on visiting the ryll mine where it had been alleged that the Diversity Alliance was keeping Human slaves. Unfortunately, the Humans had been replaced by zealous Twi'lek workers from the surrounding cities. Despite this, the other members of the inspection team Lusa, Sirrakuk and Cilghal insisted on visiting the loading dock.

There, Kambrea claimed that the crates there were food and medicinal supplies for alien colonies which she claimed that the New Republic had abandoned. Knowing they were actually storing weapons, and in frustration, Sirraluk smashed open a crate marked "food", exposing the weapons inside. In response, Kambrea ordered her troops to open fire and a gunbattle ensued. During the battle, Kambrea was crushed by a wall of crates, thus killing her.


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