Kel Algwinn
Kel Algwinn
Biographical Information
Died3956 BBY, Dantooine
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • Sith Empire (Formerly)
  • Old Jedi Order
  • Galactic Republic
  • Known MastersUnnamed Jedi Master

    Kel Algwinn was a former Sith acolyte who attended the Sith Academy on Korriban and later joined the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War.


    After joining the Sith Empire under the rule of Darth Malak, Kel attended the Sith Academy on Korriban to learn the arts of the dark side of the Force. Although he knew the Sith Code, but he had never understood it. Destined to impress the head of the Academy Uthar Wynn, Kel always had problems with the views of the Sith. His master told him many times that he was too trustworthy and very willing to show weakness. In 3956 BBY, Revan, a former Sith Lord who returned to the light side, infiltrated the Academy in his search for the Star Map on the planet, Kel encountered him and explained his doubts and by the feeling of not belonging in the academy. Revan convinced him to turn away from the dark side, abandon the Sith, and seek out the Jedi instead. Kel Algwinn was conflicted by the different viewpoints presented to him, but he accepted Revan's offer and left the Academy.

    Upon arriving to Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Kel didn't think that the Jedi would not give him a chance, but instead the members of the Jedi Council gave him a warm welcome and explained that anyone, who had abandoned the dark side, were welcomed to return to the light side. Since the Sith were considered to be violent rather than learning inner peace, Kel saw how kind the Jedi were during his training in the Enclave. After the Council made him a padawan, Kel had a long road ahead to become a true Jedi. Later on, he met up with Revan once again and thanked him for his conversion. He was later killed where he and many Jedi were perished in the bombardment on Dantooine, which was conducted by the Sith fleets of Darth Malak.

    Behind the ScenesEdit

    In a different storyline, Revan attempts to persuade Algwinn to become a Jedi, but before he could come to a decision, he would be killed when the residents of the Academy attacked Revan after discovering that he was a spy.

    If the player is a dark-side character, after discovering Kel's doubts Revan can either tell Uthar Wynn or Yuthura Ban about them—after which Kel disappears from the academy—or taunt him into fighting and kill him.



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