Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Galactic Empire
  • Imperial Navy

  • Kendel was a Human male who served as an admiral in the Galactic Empire during the First Galactic Civil War. He stationed at the shipyards at Kuat. During the Rawmat Shortage of 1–2 ABY, when faced with one hundred Victory-class Star Destroyers that were left languishing in their docks without proper doonium hull plating, Kendel hit upon the unorthodox idea of processing havod metal alloy plates for these vessels. While havod was more difficult to process than doonium and came with a distinct red color, it met all Imperial Navy specifications, and Kendel made a special order to have the metal processed into hull plating. His decision was widely criticized, both by outside commentators and by crewers scheduled to serve on the refurbished ships.