Kulbart Zamoon
Kulbart Zamoon
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EraRebellion Era
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps
  • Blue Squadron

  • Kulbart Zamoon was a Human male who joined the Rebel Alliance after the lack of Imperial intervention against the terrorism on his world of Erilnar during the First Galactic Civil War. At the battle of Hoth, he flew under the callsign Blue Twelve and wore a helmet bearing a blue Alliance Starbird.


    Born on the planet Erilnar in the heart of Centralization, Kulbart Zamoon was a Human male who was an ordinary citizen to the wave of attacks that shook his planet. The destruction of numerous infrastructures and the death of over one million civilians pushed Zamoon to seek the culprits. Apart from the terrorists themselves, Zamoon especially blamed the Galactic Empire to have left and did not orchestrate these reprisals against the killers. Consequently, he joined the Rebel Alliance in their struggle at the start of the First Galactic Civil War. During his service within the rebellion, he became a pilot of Blue Squadron and was given the callsign Blue 12.

    Around the year 3 ABY, Kulbart Zamoon was stationed at Echo Base on the icy world of Hoth. When an Imperial Viper Probe Droid discovered the base's location and transmitted to the Imperial fleet, Kulbart received word about the situation from General Carlist Rieekan of Alderaan to prepare an evacuation. Once the Imperial Navy fleet under the command of Darth Vader arrived out of hyperspace, Zamoon and many starfighter pilots pressed into service as the makeshift Rebel Alliance Starfighter Corps, flying T-47 Airspeeders that had been adapted to cold weather use. After attending the briefing given by the Princess of Alderaan Leia Organa and Major Bren Derlin, Kulbart boarded his airspeeder with his partner and followed Commander Luke Skywalker into the Third Battle of Hoth.

    Behind the ScenesEdit

    Kulbart Zamoon was first identified in "Rogues Gallery: Clearance for Immediate Launch" in Star Wars Insider 146.