Larr Haverel
Larr Haverel
Biographical Information
Died2 ABY, Coruscant
Physical Description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Galactic Empire
  • Imperial Army

  • I'm suggesting that the Empire and our oaths have been betrayed. And I'm suggesting that it's our duty to set things right.—Larr Haverel to Dagon Niriz[src]

    Larr Haverel was a Human male who served as an Imperial general and was dedicated to the welfare of his men and suspicious of aliens. He was assigned to the Star Destroyer Admonitor as commander of the infantry complement on Grand Admiral Thrawn's mapping expedition to the Unknown Regions. He was thoroughly unenthusiastic about his mission, seeing it as exile and political punishment for Thrawn that unfairly impacted his career.


    A Human male from an unknown planet, Larr pledged his service within the Galactic Empire and was granted the rank of general in the Imperial Army. When Thrawn put several stormtroopers at risk in a complex game of strategy against the warlord Creysis without informing Haverel of the true depth of his plans, Haverel mistook Thrawn's tactics for mistakes. As Thrawn seemingly continued to do nothing, Haverel suspected incompetence and finally treachery on his commander's part. He approached the captain of the Admonitor, Dagon Niriz, to seek support for removing Thrawn from command and intervening against Creysis. While also deeply unsatisfied with Thrawn's performance, Niriz was uneasy with the prospect of removing him from command, which he regarded as mutiny.

    Unable to get Niriz's support, Haverel departed. He returned not long after, however, with six troopers in tow. Striding onto the bridge, he requested that Thrawn return to his quarters under guard and turn command of the ship over to Niriz. Calmly, Thrawn asked him what he proposed to do to rescue the men aboard Creysis's ship. Haverel was unable to provide a strong alternative, but insisted that taking the fight to Creysis was the only responsible way to go forward, though it would expose the men aboard to danger. Thrawn disagreed, and in a crucial moment, Niriz refused Haverel his support. Determined, Haverel raised his arm, presumably to attack or order an attack, but at that moment the break Thrawn had been waiting for arrived, and Thrawn and Niriz sprang into action. Haverel merely watched as the admiral efficiently dealt with Creysis. Nevertheless, Haverel had failed Thrawn's test of faith, and was sent back to Coruscant for court-martial and execution.