Maidtha Fait
Maidtha Fait
Biographical Information
Died3 ABY, Taul
Physical Description
Hair colorBlack
Skin colorPurple
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
AffiliationRebel Alliance

Maidtha Fait was a female gambler who served with the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War. She was armed with a blaster rifle and a vibroblade, and was equipped with a Camouflage Suit. Fait was also skilled in melee combat, and was also trained in survival and first aid. Stationed at an outpost on the planet Taul, Fait led a unit of eleven veteran soldiers called Darius Squad to defend the outpost from Imperial forces that invaded the planet, but was later killed during the ensuing battle.


In the year 3 ABY, before the Third Battle of Hoth, Fait was at the Rebel Outpost on the planet Taul when the the Galactic Empire discovered the Rebel presence by chance. One of the Imperial Probe Droids was sent out by the Empire to find the Rebel Base on Hoth was dispatched to Taul. After Fait managed to destroy the probe droid, the Empire sent Victory-class Star Destroyer Dominator to investigate the matter. Along with Rebel leaders Warl Thimbus and Krendan, Fait led Darius Squad to engage the Imperials as they began dispatching troops to the surface of the planet. Far better equipped for the conditions, Fait and her squad managed to out flank the Imperials, but the battle went stalemate for a while with heavy causalities on both sides. Realizing that they probably would not stand a chance in the end, Fait was among the leaders that initiated an evacuation process, and the battle developed into a desperate chase for her, Warl, Krendan, and their respective squads. Before they could reach their transports, the three Rebel leaders were killed once the Imperials managed to infiltrate the Rebel command center and destroy its shield generator which allowed the Dominator to initiate a planetary bombardment, laying the Rebel Base to waste.