Malyssa Raventhorn
Malyssa Raventhorn
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  • Rebellion Era
  • New Republic Era
  • Malyssa Raventhorn was a female Zeltron thief and the mistress of Imperial Captain Mulchive Wermis during his time as administrator of The Wheel space station. After Wermis's death, which was due to a fatal heart attack caused by the an attack on the Imperials on the Wheel by the New Republic, Ravernthorn disappeared.


    A female Zeltron, Malyssa Raventhorn lived during the reign of both the Galactic Empire and its successor, the New Republic. During the Galactic Civil War, in which the Empire fought the Rebel Alliance, she worked as a thief, and was the only bounty the Chadra-Fan bounty hunter Tutti Snibit apprehended. He was, however, distracted by Cambrian wine and conversation with Raventhorn that he passed out, which allowed her to escape. Later, she became the mistress of the Human Mulchive Wermis, a captain in the Imperial Navy. Whilst Raventhorn was with Wermis, he was transferred from being captain of the Star Destroyer known as Devastator to station duty aboard the space station known as The Wheel. Wermis brought Raventhorn with him to the station and served as its administrator for several years, growing obese and sedentary in the posting and secretly claiming a small portion of the profits for himself instead of delivering them to the Empire. Wermis's time as administrator ended when the Besh Gorgon System, where the Wheel was located, was liberated by the newly formed New Republic, an event that caused Wermis to have a fatal heart attack. On the same day as her lovers death, Raventhorn, as well as all of Wermis's stolen credits vanished without a trace.