Production Information
TypeMedical Device
Chronological and Politcial Information
PurposeFirst-Aid and Emergency Field Care

A medpac (also med-pack, medi-pack, or medi-kit) was a small first aid kit that contained limited-utility diagnosis equipment and other essential medicines for the treatment of wounds. Medpacs could also be called health packs.


A medpack usually contained diagnostics such as medisensors and also could provide flex clamps, synth flesh, Irrigation Bulbs, bacta, kolto, spray bandages, bacta patches, spray hypos, bone stabilizers, antiseptics, medical drugs, coagulants, stimulants such as stim-shots, and other essential medicines for the treatment of wounds.


A medkit was a bulkier variant used aboard starships. During the era of the Old Republic advanced medpacs were also frequently available. These kits contained a more extensive array of equipment, than the standard medpac, for the treatment of serious wounds. Furthermore, in rare instances, a life support pack was obtainable at some of the more exclusive traders. This item contained highly advanced dermal regenerators and other necessary medical equipment for the treatment of life-threatening wounds. They were standard-issue for Imperial stormtroopers and were the standard method of treating minor injuries or providing crisis care in the civilized portions of the galaxy.




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