Mira Bridger 2
Mira Bridger
Biographical Information
Died4 BBY
Physical Description
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorTan
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era

Mira Bridger was a female Human who hailed from the planet Lothal during the time of the Old Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. In 19 BBY, she and her husband, Ephraim Bridger, had a son, whom they christened Ezra. One day, Ezra went missing for a long time, which made his parents worried about him. After an entire day of searching, the Bridgers found their son wandering the spaceport alone. When Ezra reached the age of seven in 12 BBY, Mira and Ephraim disappeared, which forced their child to live in the streets as an orphan.


Imperial EraEdit

Mira gave birth to Ezra at the time the Empire came to power and over the next seven years she made underground broadcasts with her husband, speaking out against the Empire. Clearly she was not afraid to stand up for what she and her husband believed in and fought for her son's freedom. Unfortunately their rebellion would cost them their lives. By the time Ezra was seven, Mira along with her husband were captured and taken away by the Empire, leaving their son to fend for himself.


After Ezra was rescued by the Ghost Crew, Hera tells Ezra that his parents must be worried about him, but Ezra sadly tells her that he doesn't have any parents. Unaware that he was Force-sensitive, their son joined the crew to fight back against the Empire in their memory.

During the fifteenth anniversary of Empire Day, Ezra was still depressed that his parents were gone. He went to his tower and took out the key card to their house, when he heard their voices. After the Rebels plan was a success Ezra brought them to his house so they lay low for a while. While there they found Tseebo. A friend of Ephraim and Mira. When Ezra heads down to the basement he reveals to Sabine that his parents underground broadcasts. After they escape to the Ghost, Tseebo reveals that he knows what happened to Ephraim and Mira. Ezra didn't want to know the truth didn't listen, but Kanan decided to take Ezra to Fort Anaxes so he can confront his demons about his parents. When the Rebels took Tseebo to Fulcrum for protection, Tseebo tells Hera what happened to Ezra's parents. Hera wan't able to tell Ezra when he returned because Kanan told her that he needed some alone time.