Morad Sumar
Morad Sumar
Biographical Information
Died2 BBY, Lothal
Physical Description
Height1.84 meters
Hair colorWhite
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorTan
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Lothal Rebels
  • Rebel Network

  • I told you before, were not selling this farm.
    You misunderstand. We're no longer interested in... buying.
    —Sumar, discussing his farm with Lyste

    Morad Sumar was a human farmer, and a resident who lived on the world of Lothal.


    Ezra? Is that Ezra Bridger?—Sumar, upon seeing Ezra again[src]

    Living on Lothal, Sumar was the owner of a small farmstead, and was a long-time family friend of Mira and Ephraim Bridger. Following the Galactic Empire's overtaking of Lothal, Sumar was threatened with losing his land for Imperial expansion. One day, while selling his produce in Kothal, Sumar struck up a conversation with a rebel named Ezra Bridger, having not seen him in years. After exchanging greetings, Ezra asked Sumar where he could find some Meilooruns. Sumar informed Ezra that the fruit didn't grow on Lothal, and that he would need an off world importer. The two then parted ways.

    Moments later, Ezra watched as Imperial Supply Master Yogar Lyste approached Sumar, and questioned him about his land. Sumar was quick to dismiss Lyste, despite the officer's previous attempts at bartering. After returning to his farm from Kothal, Sumar was once again visited by Lyste, this time armed with Imperial Troop Transports and Stormtroopers. Lyste then ordered the destruction of Sumar's home, and, within seconds, it was gone. After narrowly evading the explosion, Sumar and his farmhands were sealed onto the sides of the transport, heading to Capital City. Soon after, Sumar was visited by Ezra, who had snuck onto the transport via a stolen TIE Fighter. Ezra eventually managed to unlock Sumar's restraints, saving him from Imperial forces. After jumping ship with his friends, Sumar managed to escape.

    Behind the ScenesEdit

    Sumar was originally supposed to appear in "Fire Across the Galaxy" where he would have been surprised to see Ezra as a wanted rebel. However, his scene was never made and the idea was scrapped.