Neaed Fisto
Neaed Fisto
Biographical Information
HomeworldGlee Anselm
Born70 BBY, Glee Anselm
Died19 BBY, Glee Anselm
Physical Description
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire era
  • Teräs Käsi
  • Sälãi Käsi
  • Known ApprenticesEaden Vrill

    Neaed Fisto was a male Nautolan. The uncle of Jedi Master Kit Fisto, and whom Eaden Vrill was named after.


    During the final years of the Old Galactic Republic, Neaed was the head of the Teräs Käsi religious order Sälãi Käsi. It was said that Neaed was perhaps as strong in The Force as his nephew. Neaed was the mentor of the Vrill family and Eaden's master. He is the 1st brother of the Fisto Family's Brothers. He died during Order 66 possibly in his 50s. His father is Iglacias Fisto and his mother is Neela Fisto. He has a son, who is still alive in the new timeline.