Neftali Map
Astrographical Information
RegionOuter Rim Territories
SectorKibilini Sector
SystemSocorro System
Grid CoordinatesQ-17
Rotation Period15 Standard Hours
Orbital Period754 Local Days
Physical Information
ClassIce World
AtmosphereType I
Primary Terrain*Barren glaciers
  • Fjords
  • Frozen oceans
  • Mountains
  • Ice canyons
Surface WaterModerate
Points of Interest*Beija
  • Beija Minor Sea
  • Beija Major Sea
  • Cordel Cove
  • Exovar's Emporium
  • Jhunia Snow Plains
  • Keturah's Point
  • Orane Mountain
  • Yiuli Mountains
  • Yiulimar Ice Fjords
  • Societal Information
    Native Species*Crynoids
    Immigrated Species*Humans
  • Whiphids
  • Primary LanguagesSocorran
    Major Imports*Foodstuffs
  • High technology
  • Major Exports*Contraband
  • Foodstuffs
  • Minerals
  • Nether ice
  • Water
  • Neftali was an Outer Rim world that was found in the Socorro System. Its name in Old Corellian meant "home" or "safe place," which is what the planet was to some of the unsavory elements that came to the Socorro system. It was a barren frozen world with a long orbit around its red star. It had deep underground chambers that were warmed by geothermal forces. Mosses and lichen grew in these furnaces and provided food for the planet's fauna.