Old Jedi Order Symbol
Old Jedi Order
Organizational Information
Title of LeaderGrand Master
Governing BodyJedi High Council
Affiliated Organizations
  • Antarian Rangers
  • Freedom Warriors
  • Je'daii Order
  • Old Galactic Republic
  • Rebel Alliance
  • New Galactic Republic
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Historical Information
    Date Founded25,783 BBY

    The Old Jedi Order, known as the Jedi Order or the Holy Order of the Jedi Knights, was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of the Force, specifically the light side. Described as the galaxy's guardians to bring peace and justice, the Jedi affiliated with the Old Galactic Republic became perhaps the most well known of the various groups that relied on the Force for their power. Led by the Jedi High Council, many Jedi were brought before the Order and trained in the ways of the Force and faced countless trials to earn the rank of Jedi Knight and then Jedi Master.

    Long ago during several Great Schisms, numerous Jedi began to turn their back against the Order due to differences in how they believed the Force should be wielded. The various impasses reached by the orthodox Jedi and the defectors led to several wars, including the Hundred-Year Darkness, after which the defectors were exiled and founded the Old Sith Empire. The Sith were eventually found by the Republic and their discovery led to the Great Hyperspace War, and a Sith invasion of Coruscant. The Jedi on Coruscant, led by Jedi Guardian Anavus Svag and Jedi Master Memit Nadill, successfully defended the planet and defeated the Sith. Again and again however, the Sith would be reborn from within the ranks of the Old Jedi Order, and many more wars would be fought. Additionally, the ancient Sith Empire had not been as completely destroyed as the Jedi believed, and over the next thousand years, it reformed and grew.


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