Biographical Information
Died1000 BBY, Ruusan
Physical Description
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorYellow (Dark Side)
Chronological and Political information
EraOld Republic Era
  • New Sith Empire
  • Brotherhood of Darkness
  • Sith Academy

  • Orilltha was a female Chalactan Sith Lord who served as a member of the Brotherhood of Darkness during the final years of the New Sith Wars.


    During the New Sith Wars, Orilltha served as one of the instructors Sith Academy on Korriban. Along with LaTor, Hezzoran, Shenayag, Qordis, Kopecz and Kas'im, the Sith were called away from Korriban to meet with Lord Kaan, Dark Lord of the Sith. She was claimed as Dark Lord of the Sith, along with many sith that chose to serve Kaan and the formation of the Brotherhood of Darkness. There, they would unite and bring down the Galactic Republic and put an end to the Jedi Order. With Kaan's charisma and power that he spread towards his dark followers, Orilltha and the Sith struck back against the Jedi and the Republic in order to control the galaxy. Thousands of Sith and Jedi battled one another across the galaxy, Orilltha became one of the highest ranks in the Brotherhood. As long as the victories continued throughout the galaxy, the Sith would regain control and new race of dark warriors will rise and drive the light siders into extinction.

    During the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, Orilltha was present in the caves while Kaan and LaTor developed the creation of the thought bomb which would kill Force-sensitives. Following the guidance that Kaan gave to his followers, Orilltha and the sith were promised that they would be protected from the thought bomb's effect, and its blast radius would only kill the Jedi. The Sith agreed to his plan and awaited for their final encounter against the Jedi. The Army of Light entered the cave, and the Sith prepared to battle against them when Kaan activated the thought bomb, which killed all the Jedi and Sith out of the battlefield, causing their souls to be sucked into the bomb's nexus. All the spirits of the Jedi and sith were trapped inside, and Kaan, the only one who activated the thought bomb, was able to escape, leaving the sith to be trapped for eternity. Orilltha and the trapped sith came to the point that Kaan deceived them, and that they would never survive the bomb's reaction, and that they would be used to their death. Remaining in the prison, Orilltha eventually took her step towards the light side, and the spirits would remain for centuries in what became the Valley of the Jedi.

    A thousand years after the Battle of Ruusan, Inquisitor Jerec went to search for the Valley, and consume the Thought Bomb's power for himself. The spirits of the Jedi and Sith were eventually released after Kyle Katarn, the son of Morgan Katarn, defeated Jerec, and became one with the Force.