Pers Pradeux
Pers Pradeux
Biographical Information
Died10,966 BBY
Physical Description
Hair colorDark Blonde
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorLight
Chronological and Political Information
EraOld Republic Era
  • Old Galactic Republic
  • Old Republic Navy
  • Renunciates
  • Statistically speaking, the universe is empty. But at faster-than-light speeds, it fills up very quickly.—Pers Pradeux[src]

    Pers Pradeux was a Old Republic Navy officer during the Pius Dea Era and was among those responsible for the Pius Dea's overthrow. He was considered the "father" of the modern Navy, and to some extent, the Imperial Navy.


    A Human male, Pers Pradeux joined the Republic Navy when it was a bastion of the Pius Dea religion, and rose to the rank of Admiral: for nearly a thousand years beforehand, the Republic Navy had been the tool of the theocrats controlling the Galactic Republic to launch Crusades against the alien species of the Rim. However, a heresy stoked by Jedi and Caamasi agents was circulating throughout the Pius Dea Republic, and Pradeux became influenced by Renunciate thought. Admiral Pradeux became part of the conspiracy to overthrow Pius Dea and restore the Republic. He discovered the secret colony of Prefsbelt IV, founded by Republic citizens fleeing the Pius Dea, and used the world as a secret base and a retreat for his fellow Renunciate naval officers while plotting the overthrow of the Pius Dea Faithful.

    Following the Battle of Uquine in 10,966 BBY and the collapse of Pius Dea rule, Pradeux and his colleagues held meetings on Prefsbelt to plan the reorganization and rebuilding of the Republic Navy. Owing to his role in restoring the Old Republic Navy, Pradeux died at some point from an unknown cause. Remembered as a hero and the "Father of the Navy", Castle Pradeux on Prefsbelt IV was named after him for his heroic deeds. After his death, Pradeux's body was entombed in the Naval Crypt, a few kilometers from Castle Pradeux. As a tradition, the night before graduation from the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy, navy midshipmen would walk from Castle Pradeux to the Crypt and pledge their dedication to the service. THousands of years later during the time of the Imperial Era, the Imperial Navy named the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Pradeux in his honor.