Physical Characteristics
Sociocultural Characteristics
HomeworldLan Barell

The Qieg were sentient insectoids indigenous to Lan Barell.


They have a walk upright and have six members, which they use as two arms and four legs as. The feet of their front legs are such that they can be used in the defense case as weapons. They communicate through a language that is very strongly influenced by click sounds. If Qiegs among people, they usually wear an electronic mask that automatically translates your language into Basic. to learn Basic, is impossible for Qieg, but because of their technological progress they encounter constantly in this language. Therefore, they are also dependent on droids with binary language. The lifestyle of Qieg is determined by the collective. They live in large flocks and are on their home world, and particularly in the cactus forests and plateaus of Lan Barell, very widespread. One of the largest conurbations with enormous Qieg population is Quilan Hive, a giant network of Qiek nests, where around 100,000 inhabitants are accommodated. Due to its size the Quilan Hive is also considered the financial and commercial center of the entire Internet system.