Quarrie WotM
Biographical Information
Physical Description
SpeciesMon Calamari
Eye colorGray
Skin colorBrown and white mottle
Chronological and Political Information
AffiliationRebel Network

How many times have you flown it?"
Me? Oh I don't fly, too dangerous. But theoretically, it should fly!
Sabine Wren and Quarrie discuss the B-Wing prototype[src]

Quarrie was a Mon Calamari male who built a prototype B-Wing starfighter on the remote planet Shantipole some time during the reign of the Galactic Empire. After the Rebel Network suffered losses against the Empire during an attempted blockade run, rebel Hera Syndulla and members of her crew came to Shantipole in order to retrieve the prototype B-Wing, Prototype B6, which he dubbed the "Blade Wing". Quarrie was initially uninterested, as he did not believe Syndulla to be the right pilot for his ship. However, her story of growing up and dreaming of being a pilot swayed Quarrie's mind, and he allowed her to test the starfighter. After a successful test run, the starfighter was taken back to the network's fleet. With the B-Wing's advanced weaponry, the Rebels were able to break the Imperial blockade over the planet Ibaar and deliver food to the planet's starving populace. Afterwards, Quarrie along with his Lothal Astromech Droid BG-81 left the network fleet in order to oversee the production of more B-Wings for the rebel cause. He also installed a hyperdrive and an exterior astromech socket on the Phantom.

Behind the scenesEdit

Quarrie's name is derived from the name of concept artist Ralph McQuarrie. He was voiced by Corey Burton. The prototype B Wing resembles Boba Fett's ship he calls Slave 1. The advanced weapon of the B-Wing resembles the planet shattering weapon of the Death Star in operation.