Radd Hardwikk
Radd Hardwikk
Biographical Information
HomeworldClantaano III
Died32 BBY, Tatooine
Physical Description
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire Era
AffiliationLongo Two-Gun Gang

Radd Hardwikk was a Clantaani male who was part of a gang of criminals that settled in Mos Espa during the final years of the Old Galactic Republic. Led by Longo Two-Guns, Radd was wanted by Mos Eisley security forces for inciting a riot in the crowds of a podrace by handling and exploding chubas. He was also suspected of other crimes such as illegal distribution of contraband and communication tools. He was found by Jango Fett and killed by the deadly bounty hunter.