The Rebel Insurgency was a conflict that began in 4 BBY following the Siege of Lothal and the Lothal Insurgency. This resulted the beginning of multiple uprisings and revolts of resistance movements and cells that began to spread across the galaxy and take a stand against the Galactic Empire.


Assault on SeelosEdit

The destruction of the Rebel Network's command ship forced the outnumbered fleet to retreat into hyperspace. In order to prevent the Empire from finding the network, Commander Jun Sato decided that the rebels should establish a hidden base in a planet that isn't occupied by the Empire. Ahsoka Tano, a former Jedi Knight of the Old Jedi Order and a survivor of Order 66, knew of several people that would be useful in serving in the insurgency. The Lothal Rebels, who had fought in numerous missions against the Empire on Lothal, were given the task by Tano in finding a lost officer. Before departing, Ahsoka gave the group the head of an old T-Series Tactical Droid that fought in the Clone Wars and said that it would be useful in finding the officer that was located on the planet Seelos.