Renna (Human)
Biographical Information
Died0 BBY, Toprawa
Physical Description
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political Information
EraRebellion Era
  • Rebel Alliance
  • Red Hand Squadron

  • Renna was a Human female who served as member of Red Hand Squadron in the Rebel Alliance during the First Galactic Civil War. She participated in the commandeering of the slave ship Helot's Shackle during the Battle of Ylesia. She later fought in the Battle of Toprawa and was eventually killed.


    A Human female with blonde hair, Renna hailed from an unknown world during the Imperial Era. She would later join the Rebel Alliance since she saw how evil and corrupt the Empire was. After joining the rebellion to restore the galaxy, Renna joined Red Hand Squadron that was led and established by Bria Tharen whose primary goal was the liberation of slaves.

    In 1 BBY, Renna was among the rebels that attacked and captured the CR90 corvette Helot's Shackle, which was full of Exultation-addicted slaves from Ylesia. Twenty-six of the slaves Renna and the squad had rescued during the previous two years had gone on to serve as active members in the resistance. Later, Renna and her team were the key to the Battle of Ylesia. As they entered the planet's atmosphere, the Rebel ships came under turbolaser fire and Tharen was forced to divert her group to their alternate landing site on a beach over two kilometers from the center of Colony One. Accompanied by Han Solo and the Wookiee Chewbacca, Renna and the rebels engaged a group of Nova Force mercenaries. Despite heavy mercenary resistance, Renna and the rebel forces managed to capture the colony and secured the turbolaser defenses.

    After the Battle of Ylesia was over, Renna and the entire squadron learned that the Empire was constructing a new secret weapon, a battlestation called the Death Star which was capable of destroying a planet. Knowing that their only chance to defeat the Death Star was to obtain a copy of its plans and attempt to find a vulnerability, Renna and her comrades planned a coordinated offensive to recover the plans as they passed through the Outer Rim World called Toprawa. The Rebels were able to capture the plans and an Imperial communications center but the Empire was quick to respond. Renna fought to hold off the Imperial forces while comm techs transmitted the plans to the Rebel courier ship Tantive IV as it passed through the system. Shortly after, Renna was overwhelmed and killed by Imperial forces.