Biographical Information
Died19 BBY, Tolea Biqua
Physical Description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorFair
Chronological and Political information
EraRise of the Empire era
AffiliationBelievers (Formerly)

Rydna was a Human male who served as a member of the Believers, a Force-sensitive cult that practiced the dark side on the planet Cularin.


Near the end of the Clone Wars, Rydna was present during the Destruction of the Almas Academy in 19 BBY, where he obtained the lightsaber of Jedi Master Devan For'deschel from her body after she was killed in the battle. He later became part of a Believer cell on Tolea Biqua, but gradually he felt an increasing deprivation and wanted to die. His reasons were that almost all the Believers were wiped out and the leader of the cell, Alina Impeveri, disliked him. As a result, he was captured by a group of Tunnel Rats. However, since he did not respond to their torture, it was almost what he wanted and died later on. Before dying, Rydna left the dark side and became one with the Force.