Savor Kibbs
Savor Kibbs
Biographical Information
Died32 BBY, Naboo
Physical Description
Chronological and Political Information
EraRise of the Empire Era
  • Old Jedi Order (Formerly)
  • Old Galactic Republic (Formerly)
  • Renegade

  • Savor Kibbs was a Human male and Force-sensitive who served the Old Jedi Order until he was rejected and fell to the Dark Side of the Force


    A Human male, Savor Kibbs had a strong connection to the Force; even without formal training he had mastered some Force Powers such as Affect Mind and Force Push. He was brought to the Old Jedi Order where he would learn the ways of the Force. After been rejected by the Jeid High Council, Kibbs believed that the Jedi were hypocrits and embraced the dark side. For years as a Dark Jedi, Kibbs decided to take advantage of the tumult that surrounded the Trade Federation's unlawful Invasion of Naboo and the subsequent battle to free that world so as to take control of Naboo for himself. A charismatic person, he managed to gather a group of Humans and Gungans to his side, influencing their minds with his Force powers; they then formed a group called the Renegade. After encountering a group of individuals, Savor determined that the intruders must be eliminated, attacked the group with Force powers and a reactivated droideka. The party defeated Kibbs and ended the hypnotic influence he exerted over his followers.